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Sansin Enviro Stain

envfriend.gifSansin doesn’t just stain the wood; it actually becomes an integral part of the wood’s cell structure, protecting it naturally from within. Traditional petroleum and acrylic-based coatings protect wood by forming a surface film. Unfortunately, this tends to prevent evaporation, trapping moisture in the wood and making it prone to decay. Sansin lets wood “breathe” more freely – dramatically improving dimensional stability and allowing the black spruce to adjust naturally to moisture levels in the environment. It therefore does not crack or peel, which saves both time and money down the road when the consumer wishes to re-coat their siding.

Dogwood siding is professionally coated with Sansin in our manufacturing facility under optimal conditions, sanding, spray-coating and back-brushing each coat for best penetration.

Dogwood Siding manufactures pre-finished wood siding and pre-finished deck material; this involves sanding, application of coatings, drying and storage. Products will be specific to individual orders and are available in 79 different colors.