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Siding and Decking

black-spruce.gifThe siding and decking are used in the construction of residential housing, commercial buildings and other structures using timber frame construction. Dogwood works with contractors in order to ensure that the products are right for each project, and will coordinate delivery to the job site. The wood used to manufacture the siding is Black Spruce, a renewable resource, abundantly available in the Maritimes. The coating used is a product called Sansin Enviro Stain which incorporates natural oils and colors. Dogwood Siding is environmentally friendly, uses real wood and can be custom coloured to match the needs of any customer. Dogwood Siding has developed a revolutionary smoothing technique for use on its siding, which creates a weathered texture; this process also creates increased coating penetration, increased longevity and easier maintenance.

The initial application of decking is one where it can be coated on all sides; generally if it is coated on site – the bottom of the decking is never coated. By coating all side Initially the wood itself is better protected from decay.